SSL certificates

SSL certificates are used to initiate secure communications over computer networks, usually referred as HTTPS traffic. Wesentra is the largest distributor of Entrust SSL certificates in Europe and the only accredited verification partner. You can find here more information about SSL certificates and how they work.

Customer satisfaction

In Finland we deliver certificates to our enterprise customers and our resellers. During 2012-2019 the market share of Entrust certificates has risen from 1% to over 20% in Finland. The main reasons for this success have been our local verification procedure, focus to certificates and the fact the we enjoy helping our customers. They are satisfied – see a 2-minute video from Valmet Automotive.

Nordic distributor of Entrust

In 2018 Entrust gave Wesentra the status of a Nordics Distributor. In the Nordics we work via our partners/resellers. Wesentra provides local verification and support in sales and technology for the partner.