Electronic signing, PKI management and SSL certificates
Seminar 6.2.2019, Helsinki

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seminar, electronic signing, PKI management, SSL certificates
11:30 Welcome

Leena Kuuri, CEO, Wesentra


Introduction and the agenda of the day, Markku Helli, VP, Sales, Co-founder of Wesentra Ltd.

Session 1: Electronic signing, digital signing, eIDAS, PadES, …
What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature? How can one create a simple, an advanced or a qualified digital signature according to EU regulations? We will look at the alternatives and situation in EU and specially in Finland.

Presenter: Robert Hann, Sales Director, Entrust Datacard
Facilitator: Antti Larvala, Director for development eSign for Visma Solutions


Session 2: PKI Management and Managed PK
The technical creation of a PKI is easy: click, click, Finish. But how should the responsibilities be defined and maintained? Let us hear how one of the most experienced PKI management organizations in Europe provides Managed PKI for European organizations with critical needs for compliance.

Presenter: David Terry, Business Development Director, Entrust Datacard
Facilitator: Thomas Malmberg, CEO, Mintsecurity, Board member of the Finnish Information Security Association


Session 3: SSL/TLS certificates – what lies ahead?
The number of SSL certificates is increasing rapidly. Some influential organizations seem to advocate that only encryption is important – not the verified identity of the web site owner. On the other hand, we have EU eIDAS and Qualified website authentication certificates (QWAC) where identity recognition is crucial. The CA/Browser Forum is a consortium of certification authorities and vendors of Internet browser software. Its guidelines cover certificates used for the SSL/TLS protocol and code signing. Let us hear an inside view from the CA/Browser Forum regarding the future of SSL certificates.

Presenter: Chris Bailey, VP Strategy and Business Development, Entrust Datacard, Current (and founding) member of the CA/Browser Forum
Facilitator: Harri Tuuva, CTO, Wesentra

15:15 Close-up – questions – discussion

Facilitators: Pertti Eskelinen, VP Sales, Wesentra
Marjo Janhonen, Verification specialist, Wesentra

16:00 Afterwork, snacks, refreshments

The three 45-minute sessions are shown simultaneously as webinars. The seminar will take place at Huone Jätkäsaari, Länsisatamankatu 16, Helsinki ( Seminar will be in English, but discussions may be also in Finnish.

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