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Detect and stop phishing

Detect and stop phishing

Have you or your employees ever received suspicious messages trying to phish personal information or direct you to click on a link? Phishing is one of the biggest security challenges facing organizations today. How can you protect yourself from phishing attacks?

Today, the messages are made to look very credible when they arrive in employees’ e-mails in local language and, for example, in the name of the CEO. In larger organizations, hundreds of messages can come, in which case they also employ the company’s IT managers. Through Wesentra, you have access to the world’s leading anti-fishing solutions, Cofense.

Cofense’s reporting and phishing detection solutions help and accelerate the ability of security teams to respond to malicious messages. This speeds up the detection and elimination of problems, reducing the realization of security risks. The intelligent PhishMe, phishing message, training solution creates a culture of phishing message detection in the organization and teaches users to identify real messages spreading phishing and malware, making users first-line defenders against phishing attacks. Wesentra’s know-how and expertise, combined with Cofense’s technology and solutions, provide you with the best tools and help to improve cyber security.

Why Cofense is a Leading Provider of Anti-Phishing Solutions?

Leading solution provider for anti-phishing

Cofense™ is a world-known and award-winning provider of intelligent anti-phishing solutions.

Automation saves time

Don’t spend hours on going through emails reported as malicious, Cofense does it for you.

Training for all staff

Not just technical solutions. We teach users to recognize the messages that spread phishing and malware.

Cofense Solutions

Cofense PhishMe™

Phishing is the number one security concern for most organizations. With Cofense PhishMe you can empower your employees to recognize and resist against phishing attacks.

Cofense PhishMe simulates real-life phishing scenarios and delivers hands-on experience with safe examples and on-the-spot education opportunities. Real phishing emails are used to create examples and content focused on today’s greatest threats such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Spear phishing attacks
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Malware and malicious attachments
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Advanced conversational phishing attacks
  • Credential Phishing
  • HTTPS Spoofing

Cofense PhishMe Playbooks provide a series of prepared scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational pages to ease the administration of your phishing program.

Cofense PhishMe provides deep metrics, benchmarking, and enhanced analytics and reporting that goes beyond simple click-rates. Board Reports, an enhanced analytics feature that only Cofense PhishMe provides, delivers boardroom-level reporting to share with executive teams to showcase the results of your phishing defense program.

Cofense Reporter™

When you are under an attack, early detection matters. How to minimize the time an attacker is in your network? Cofense Reporter provides organizations with a simple, cost-effective way to efficiently gather, organize and analyze user reports of suspicious emails.

Enabling Human Sensors.

Cofense Reporter and Cofense Reporter for Mobile empowers users to proactively participate in an organization’s security program. Cofense makes it easy for employees to flag any suspicious email they receive by offering a simple one-click reporter button.

When clicked, Cofense Reporter sends the suspicious email to your security team. It automatically discerns emails reported during phishing simulations from those sent by unknown sources, ensuring that only reports of potentially malicious emails are delivered to the appropriate security staff or directed into Cofense Triage™ for fast analysis

Hands-on experience and positive reinforcement change employee behavior and promote diligence in the fight against phishing attempts. Cofense provides instant feedback when a successful phish is reported or when an employee fails a simulated phish. It fabricates positive reinforcement – closing the loop of a successful human phishing defense program.

Cofense Triage™

Find Bad Faster.

Cofense Triage, the first phishing-specific incident response platform, helps you stop active phishing attacks in progress by leveraging real-time intelligence gathered from emails reported internally. It is done by eliminating the noise of the abuse mailbox, automating standard responses, and orchestrating data feeds across your other security systems to quickly respond and eliminate phishing threats.


Cofense Triage helps orchestrate your phishing response, by utilizing:

  • Cofense Triage Noise Reduction™: An industry-leading spam engine that removes non-threatening reported messages, freeing your team to focus on real threats.
  • Robust API: A set of APIs designed to automate the process and get the right teams involved, faster.
  • Integration with Existing Solutions: Seamless integrations with your existing security solutions, including SIEM, anti-malware, analysis, and threat intelligence solutions.

Cofense Triage offers several ways to build repeatable processes to detect threats, including:

  • Rules: Use rules to identify specific characteristics that Cofense Triage should look for in a reported email.
  • Recipes: Using recipes, operators can create repeatable workflows to automate response to a threat, speeding mitigation.
  • Reporter Reputation: Cofense Triage tracks the type of emails that an individual reports. Employees conditioned to recognize and report genuine threats build a reputation as trusted reporters

To respond to phishing threats, Cofense Triage includes:

  • Who Else™: Search across your entire organization to see the other employees who received a malicious email—even those who did not report it.
  • Quarantine the Threat: Together with Cofense Vision™, you can quickly contain the threat by quarantining emails across your entire organization directly from within Cofense Triage.
  • Notify Upstream Teams: Notify other team members involved with mitigating the threat, such as a request to your network team to block a domain.

Cofense Intelligence™

When you are under fire, you need to understand the nature of the attack as well as how to quickly and proactively defend yourself. The faster your team can be armed with critical knowledge about an attack, the faster they can minimize the threat.

Cofense Intelligence uses proprietary techniques to analyze millions of messages daily from a wide variety of sources. Cofense automatically dissect messages to identify new and emerging phishing and malware threats. Their team of analysts dive into these messages to eliminate false positives while delivering the right intelligence when you need it. Cofense Intelligence is distributed in multiple formats including Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) for quick and easy integration into other security solutions.

Actionable Phishing Threat Intelligence Where You Need It.

Cofense Intelligence is a high-fidelity, human-verified intelligence service to enable security teams to identify, block and investigate ongoing and evolving threats. Threat data is delivered in multiple forms to effectively prepare and respond to attacks:

  • Human-readable threat intelligence reports provide deep-dive analysis of your biggest threats.
  • Machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) feed directly into security devices and threat repositories.
  • SaaS – investigation applications research phishing and malware attacks.
  • Expert guidance from the Cofense global security team to implement industry leading best practices, improve phishing defense outcomes and reduce threats.

Cofense Vision™

When phishing emails get past the gateway, the clock begins to tick. Cofense Vision lets you search and quarantine emails in minutes — across your entire organization.

Search Email Threats Faster.

Cofense Vision stores emails in an offline environment optimized for threat hunting. This ensures that searches are fast, not impacted by the throttling controls of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Run email searches instantly, without relying on messaging teams.

Quickly Quarantine Bad Emails.

With a single click, Cofense Vision enables security teams to quarantine an email threat from all user inboxes. Quarantined messages are moved to a mailbox hidden from the user but visible to mail team. You can easily “un-quarantine” messages upon determining they are harmless.

Satisfy Regulatory Needs.

While speedy searches no longer require privileged rights to the mail environment, Cofense Vision extensively audits and logs all actions. You can see who is searching for what, all while remaining in total compliance.