Secure Network Traffic

Protect Your Website With a Certificate

Is the Web Traffic to Your Site Secure?

We help ensure that your online traffic is encrypted and that your customers feel safe shopping or entering their personal information into your system. The certificate tells your site user that the website is trustworthy and that the content really belongs to your firm and no one else. It’s like an invisible smart lock on your business door so you can sleep peacefully at night.

By default, when you browse the internet, much of your traffic goes unprotected. Everything you type in a browser on a website can be read and saved in plain language just as it is written. This also applies to logging in to unsecured services – your username and password are there in plain language even if the password appears hidden on the website. This traffic is wanted by cybercriminals because your credit card and identity information is, of course, valuable currency. As a service provider, you should make sure that the certificate you are using has been obtained from a secure source and has preferably undergone an organisation validation (OV).

What are the different types of certificates? How do you know what kind of certificate is right for your website? What does verification mean and how is it handled by Wesentra? 

Why Certificates from Wesentra?

Best Products and Technology

You get the best products and technology on the market to help you manage, automate, and integrate certificates across systems with ease.

We Save You Time and Money

We help you choose the right type of certificate and take care of the verification process ourselves, so that you will have the optimal solution in place quickly and cost-effectively.

Technical Support from Experts

You don’t have to deal with chat bots. Our real-live security experts and technical support are just a phone call or message away – ready to answer your questions.

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