About Us

We keep you safe in the digital world.

We Keep You Safe in the Digital World

We will shoulder the responsibility of keeping your business safe and sound, think of effective solutions for the most difficult challenges you face. We will investigate, listen to, and answer all your questions. For us, the main thing is to make everyone feel good and safe.

Security often raises difficult issues. Wesentra is a reliable and agile security company with knowledge and experience that is here to help you face difficult questions or challenges. We have a strong network of partners to find help outside our own areas of strength when required.

Our big dream is to build a more secure tomorrow. We are Entrust’s largest distributor of trusted SSL / TLS certificates in Europe and the first partner to be authorised to perform verifications locally. Our local verification service makes life a lot simpler for our customers. We also offer training and consulting services as well as solutions for combating phishing and ensuring greater network security.

The world today is not like it was yesterday. And nor will it be the same tomorrow either. So let’s build a more secure tomorrow together!

Why Wesentra?

We Make Taking Care of Your Security Easy

Security issues understandably raise difficult questions. Wesentra’s experts can provide help and support with this if you need it. We’ll help keep your information secure, and keep you safe in the digital world so you can get on properly with your core business activities.

Security With a Human Touch

While digitalisation certainly brings many advantages, two real people interacting well together is the best form of communication. There are no stupid questions or challenges related to security that we cannot solve together. You will talk about security with other humans, not chat bots, or robots.

An Agile and Locally Based Partnership

We’re ready to help whenever you need us. We do all verification work related to the certificates ourselves, which speeds up the process considerably. We provide local support, wherever you are, and in the local language. When it comes to security matters we are a reliable partner with the most up-to-date knowledge in the field.