Secure Identity

Verify Your Identity Online

Sign Documents Digitally and Securely

What is your online identity? Are you sure it’s secure? Document signing certificate will confirm the digital signature’s origins and is the safest way to sign digitally. It’s also an agile way to ensure your contracts, invoices and other files are fully secure.

The need for safe electronic signatures has grown significantly, and no wonder; not only do they speed up processes and reduce workloads, but also ensure that organizations and individuals can reliably and securely present their electronic identities. Document signing certificates allow companies, organizations, and individuals to digitally sign documents, to verify the identity of signatories, and to check that the document has not been altered since it was signed. The digital signature adds a “stamp” to the document, which gives the signatory’s information and helps verify the integrity of the document.

Most commonly, document signing certificates are used to sign PDF and Office documents, but others (such as csv, rtf, txt, xml) can also be digitally signed. There are different types of Document Signing certificates: for both individual and group signatures (such as automated signing solutions in organizations). To ensure the digital signature is genuine, there is a private pair of keys for each document signing certificate, one of which must be stored separately on a compliant FIPS 140-2 level 2 device – such as a secure USB token or Hardware Security Module (HSM). This ensures that only the person or organization that obtained the certificate were the ones who signed it.

Why Do Companies Need a Digital Signature?

Verifying Identity

The signatory’s identity is verified by a certificate based on an encrypted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The identity of the person or organization has been verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) or Trusted Service Provider (TSP).

Legally Binding

A digital signature confirms the identity of the signatory, the integrity of the information in the document, and ensures that they cannot repudiate having signed it later. The signature also includes a timestamp with the exact time of the signature.

High Security

As well as document signing certificates, we also provide you with Entrust’s eIDAS and PSD2-compliant Qualified Web Access Certificates (QWACs), which verify the electronic identity of companies and organizations at the highest levels.