Would You Like to Work at Wesentra?

Will you come build a safer tomorrow with us?

Are You the Future Wesentra?

Our main endeavour is to keep companies and individuals safe in the digital world. We are a team of security professionals, for whom the customer is always number one. Will you come build a safer tomorrow with us?

Security is one of our basic needs and we pride ourselves on the information security work we do to keep our customers safe in the digital world –both now and in the future. We are both grateful for our past collaborations and enthusiastic about what is to come. The background support we provide is very real yet magically invisible, so our customers are not held back and can really shine at what they do best.

We believe that when our staff feel good about what they are doing, then so do our customers. We thank, encourage, and support each other because together we are always stronger than on our own. We treat each other and our customers as people. We want everyone to come to work and leave work feeling satisfied. Wesentra is the job for those of you who want to grow, develop, thrive and help us build together a more secure tomorrow for all of us.

Interested in security, digital identity, combating phishing, or network security management? Or perhaps have something else in mind in terms of security that you think you could be helping Wesentra do? Read more and apply now!

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