Verified Mark Certificates (VMC) now available via Entrust


On July 2021 Entrust and Google informed that Google supports now BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) standard. BIMI standards authenticate your logo in your business emails. Entrust has been a forerunner in Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) and is working together with BIMI Group. VMCs enable sending and receiving even more secured emails with DMARC protocol.

Why we would need this VMC?

We all receive plenty of emails from different sources and senders. The mailboxes are full and there might be a relevant email message that you would like to open. It still shows you as a grey mass of emails and you can’t find the one you are looking for.

Would you find the relevant email if there was a logo on it? The logo could be a direct way to pop out and say ‘I’m here!’

When a company has VMC in place and their logo is registered in a proper way, they can use the logo in their emails. The company is also verified in the highest level and the customer can be sure that emails is really coming from the correct sender and it is not a scam.


Example of how an organization’s trademarked logo could display:

As a customer I would prefer to read emails from secured sources and also rely that I can make purchases with them knowing that the company takes seriously their security issues. These are values that are rising among customers. The brand awareness is expanding when your logo is showing in the marketing messages to the customers. Not only in the end of your signature.

More information on BIMI, can be found on on their website.

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