Public Key Infrastructure as a Service – PKIaaS

Your old PKI won’t fit your new needs

Organizations already dealing with cloud migration and the security issues that presents are already feeling overwhelmed trying to get a handle on PKI, but the use cases keep coming. A PKI that you stood up 20 or even 10 years ago is unlikely to be able to accommodate new business needs. Many enterprises feel out of control of their PKI and believe that their existing PKI is limiting their digital transformation efforts.

Lean teams, tight budgets, and ever-more-critical security needs
demand an efficient solution for your PKI. PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) simplifies and centralizes the infrastructure, automation, control, billing, and distribution of certificates. Those smarter resources remove a big burden from IT staff and set them up for success. Not every PKIaaS partner has the right resources to do cloudbased PKI right. You should look for a partner that has:

• Dedicated staff who are trained and up to date on security and
regulatory requirements

• Rigorous adherence to policies and procedures based on
best practices

• An automated scalable platform that simplifies PKI  deployments to meet each customer’s requirements

• The ability to issue reports and alerts of any certificate events or actions, reducing the risk associated with expired certificates

Why Entrust?

To make PKIaaS a reality, Entrust brings more than 25 years of unparalleled PKI experience, innovation, and technology to the cloud. We were the first commercial certificate authority and are trusted by governments, financial institutions, and other organizations worldwide in the most demanding security environments. Our stellar service has helped us become an industry leader.

Our comprehensive portfolio of digital security solutions and services can provide a complete trust infrastructure that allows your business to be  productive and mitigate the risk of cyberthreats. Entrust makes it simple to be secure. Our PKI seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows and applications. Paired with Certificate Hub, our certificate lifecycle platform management provides visibility, control, and automation of your digital certificate environment from a single pane of glass.

Entrust PKIaaS is a PKI that is quick to deploy, allows you to maintain control, scales on demand, and runs anywhere you do business. Choose a PKI that secures your organization and enables you to keep pace with the rapidly changing threat landscape in today’s world.




Business is getting faster. Your PKI needs to keep up and run where you do business. PKIaaS deploys and expands within minutes, providing a quick solution to secure your business use cases.


Modern use cases rely on more certificates, often with shorter validity periods. PKIaaS is an extensible, cloud-native system with nearly limitless capacity and grows as required.


With Entrust PKIaaS, we manage the PKI so you don’t have to. PKIaaS is simple to deploy and adaptable, so it won’t get in the way of your doing business. Turnkey approaches to use cases make PKIaaS easy to start and easy to run.


Entrust PKIaaS gives you the assurance you expect, with dedicated certificate authorities and your keys protected in our data centers, secured by Entrust nShield hardware security modules (HSMs).

Why PKIaas?

Your organization no longer exists within your four walls. With mobile devices, laptops, a remote workforce, and an ever-larger cloud infrastructure, more people and things need access to your networks, internal systems, and data. Every one of them needs to be protected, lest they become vectors for attacks on your company. A growing security infrastructure means more control problems. A PKI that you stood up 20 or even
10 years ago is unlikely to be able to accommodate new business needs.

Entrust makes the migration to PKIaaS easy, with pre-built secure use cases that are ready to deploy at the click of a button. Among our growing list of use cases are:

  • Active Directory PKI Service (WSTEP), for organizations moving email,
  • Active Directory, user authentication, or device management systems to the cloud
  • Private TLS/SSL ACME Service, for organizations scaling up private TLS/SSL to secure new services and application communication
  • Intune MDM, for enrollment and management for Windows 10, Android, iOS, and macOS


PKIaaS allows you to scale PKI on demand while maintaining control and reducing the number of services and software applications you need to
run on your own premises.