Knock knock! Who’s there? A peephole to network traffic is needed.


The new normal has moved more and more people to their home offices. Workspaces have appeared on summer backyard patios, kitchens, basements, closets and bedrooms. Typically, spaces like this have been workspaces for twilight intruders.

Cybercriminals have endless resources to access organizational information. Most attacks start with phishing emails and not even professionals in the field are safe. Almost daily, we read in industry publications (SANS Cybersecurity Training Firm) how organizations networks have been breached and intruders have taken away sensitive information.

There is a constant battle against attacks and intruders, and the idea of “everyone gets hacked” prevails in the industry. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? One could imagine that smart firewalls, “next generation firewalls,” would take care of it for us. However, this is not the case, you always need someone to check the logs and adjust the settings.

Monitoring various vulnerabilities and keeping the organization’s own operating environment serving the business is laborious. SOC, NOC and IT-OPS are employed in securing day-to-day operations. There are several tools in use and the functions are often siloed, the units may not be familiar with the functions of others. This can lead to a situation where the attack goes unnoticed and the intruder can work in hiding for long periods of time in complete peace.

You could sum this up to challenges:
1) Even if the security at the border is in order, intruders have an endless arsenal of tool to breach the network
2) You can’t defend yourself from an attack you can’t see.
3) Silage; NetOps, ItOps and SecOps – how to combine data from different sources?
4) When the breach is detected you must be able to react quickly (GDPR 72 hours)
5) Often the organization is unable to protect itself or eliminate the problem.

Wesentra’s mission, from which our company name comes, is: We Secure Network Traffic. We’re in this with our partners, customers and vendors.

We call this the Three Vendor Soup, which consists of tools to combat phishing emails, encrypt and authenticate entities and monitor network traffic and detect intruders.

If you see that our Three Vendor Soup would taste like your organization’s magic potion to securing your network traffic, we’ll be happy to help.

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