Do you know a person who might want to buy my job?


I’ve sold different things during the past 35 years. I’ve never tried to sell my job before. Here goes.
For sale: A great job in a nice, small IT company. With four sales oriented experts as colleagues. Possibility to work from home with a decent salary. Possibility to help others and be happy. Possibility to create dreams and make them come true with the team. Possibility to be a partner.
Price: Your eagerness to listen to others and your willingness to get enthusiastic about new technical developments and possibilities to help customers with new services. Your expertise in sales. Your existing connections to the IT and data security people of large organizations and possible partners.
Reason for selling: Retirement on May-1 2021. 🙂
For more info:

That was fun to write. However, that describes the situation pretty well. We already know some people, who might want to come help us and gradually replace me in the company. But before the company makes the decisions by summer 2020 it is good to check the situation. Below there is some more info. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me. Or if you know somebody suitable, just pass on the message.

History: I started to sell and deliver Entrust Datacard SSL certificate services on 2011 working then for my previous employer. Our market share was under 1%. This thing grew and we founded Wesentra with my colleague in 2015 and bought the SSL certificate business. The company grew to the current size (5 people and 1 m€ turnover). The market share in Finland is over 21%.

Current situation: Over 30% of our income comes from partners who need SSL certificates as a part of their IT service to their customers. In addition to this we have some 150 direct customers. The main thing for our customers and partners is our service. They rely on us for providing the optimal solutions for certificates and certificate management. We have found also new ways to give service. For some customers we provide the certificate management on their behalf (integrated to their ServiceNow or similar systems), for others we help them create their Certificate Practices policies and documentation. We are studying ways to help our partners to service their customers better with new integration and portal technologies. Helping to innovate and develop these things is one of the most exiting part of my job.

Future: My colleague Markku (also VP, Sales and the co-founder) is very active in finding new resellers for our certificate management solutions in Sweden and the Nordics as well as finding new services, which fit our slogan “We Secure Network Traffic”. We have started with Cofense Anti-Phishing solution and we are studying some new solutions also. Here I can “get enthusiastic about new technical developments and possibilities to help customers with new services.”

Extra: I have 29% of the shares. The rest is owned by my colleagues and the very experienced and knowledgeable board. My intention is to sell a part of my shares when retiring and keep such a part which keeps me interested and active still. And about “decent salary”: in Wesentra the well-being and security of our employees comes first, it has been shown that our customers also benefit from this. The salaries are decent but modest. You don’t necessarily become rich working for the company, but you can be happy.

Interested? : Our company tries to walk its own ways with open eyes. If you are interested in a bit unconventional working, send an email to . Let’s get in touch. 😉

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