Starting this blog finally also in English


we_secure_700X400Our web site and blog have been running since 2015 only in Finnish and only about SSL certificates. It is time to change this.

Our goal has been to make our customers’ life easier when dealing with SSL certificates. Obviously this has worked as our market share in Finland in OV/EV certificates has gone from 1% to 17% in seven years. And despite the size of the company (5 persons) Wesentra has become the largest distributor of SSL certificates for Entrust Datacard in Europe (and won SSL Partner of the Year EMEA award in 2018).

The biggest reason for this success has probably not been our blog ( 🙂 ) but rather our service and one decision from our valued vendor Entrust Datacard. In our customer satisfaction survey 2015 our customers expressed one wish above all: Could the verification calls come in Finnish from Finland instead of Canada/UK? After long discussions Entrust Datacard granted this and trained us during spring 2016 to do verification. Entrust Datacard maintains high quality by auditing every verification we do. This cooperation works well.

And now Wesentra is a Nordics Distributor for Entrust Datacard certificates.  Thank you Entrust Datacard!

As the method of internationalization we are working via resellers in the Nordics outside Finland. Wesentra is the back-office partner concentrating in good local verification and good support for partners (in cooperation with Entrust Datacard when needed). But as our verification specialists will be contacting customers in the Nordics, we felt that time has come to start providing information of our operation also in English.

In Finland Wesentra provides to customers also other Entrust Datacard solutions: strong authentication, document signing and HSM service, managed PKI and certificates for mobile devices.

Hopefully you find this blog useful.

We will gladly provide more information. You can reach us best via our team addresses: sales(at), support(at) and verification(at) and you can find more information from

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